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Research Students’ Blog Launch…

The Sonic Circulations Research Students’ Blog is now live, launched with a post from Alexander Cowan on his research on music in the American eugenics movement. The blog provides a space for a conversation between scholars doing the newest research where musical and scientific/technological discourses intersect. In particular, posts are welcomed that examine methodological and ethical problems such interdisciplinary work raises.

At this point the blog is nascent and experimental. Blog posts could explore different styles or formats, and needn’t be ‘academic’ in tone, although they certainly can be.

Any interested research students working in relevant areas are invited to get in touch with ideas for a post, from abstract-style research summaries, to a looser set of work-in-progress ideas/questions, to methodological discussions, to spotlighting a theoretical text, thinker, or group. Suggestions are welcome: the aim is to support the development of new work and the field more generally.

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