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Ends and new beginnings: British Academy funding

The original EU Marie Curie grant that funded the Sonic Circulations research network came to an end with the turn of 2020, but I’m excited to be able to announce that the project is continuing through the generous support of the British Academy, and their Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme, with a new base at King’s College London.

I’d like to extend enormous gratitude to the European Commission for supporting the launch and development of the Sonic Circulations research network from early 2018 to the present. I’d also like to thank key project participants during that phase: Anne C. Shreffler at Harvard University, and J.P.E. Harper-Scott at Royal Holloway, University of London, as well as everyone who worked together to make the two network meetings such a success, especially Emily I. Dolan (then at Harvard, now at Brown University) and Arman Schwartz, at King’s College, London.

We are now very much looking forward to continuing those discussions we’ve initiated with the British Academy’s support.

Emily MacGregor

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