Final Conference Programme

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Sonic Circulations Conference Programme

PDF finalised conference programme (with abstracts) available here.

All sessions will take place at King’s College, London, Strand Campus, unless otherwise noted.

Monday 24 June
10:30 SESSION 1: The Politics of Song (Chair: Laura Tunbridge)
Vanessa Paloma Duncan-Elbaz (University of Cambridge): La Voz de mi Madre en la Mía: Recording Moroccan Women’s Sephardi Repertoire in the Interwar Period

John Gabriel (Hong Kong University): Topicality and Reportage in the Discourse of Radio Music Theater in Weimar Republic Germany

11:30-12:00 TEA/COFFEE
12:00 SESSION 2: Genealogies and Reproduction (Chair: Flora Willson)
Peter Asimov (University of Cambridge): Comparative Philology and the Emergence of Musicology: Interdisciplinary Frictions in Fin-de-Siècle France

Alexander Cowan (Harvard University): The Mismeasure of Music: Eugenics, Marketing and the Science of Musical Ability

13:00-14:15 LUNCH (provided)
14:15 SESSION 3: Space/Place (Chair: Peter McMurray)
Fiona Smyth (Trinity College, Dublin): From Delhi to Hastings in the 1920s: Controversy and Experiment in Architectural Acoustics

Gavin Williams (King’s College, London): Music on Demand and the Strait of Malacca

William Fourie (Royal Holloway, University of London; Africa Open Institute): Music, Mining, and the Desolated Figure of African Modernity

15:45-16:15 TEA/COFFEE
16:15 KEYNOTE: Gascia Ouzounian (University of Oxford), Sound and Music in Three Dimensions: Bell Telephone Laboratories and the Spectacular Demonstration of Stereophony

(Chair: Heather Wiebe)

19:00 DINNER (not included in conference fee) Pig and Goose Restaurant, 213 The Strand, Temple
Tuesday 25 June
9:30 SESSION 4: Subjectivity and Mind (Chair: Laura Protano-Biggs)
Alexandra Kieffer (Rice University): Nature, Culture, Affect: Music and the Unconscious in Early Twentieth-Century France

Patrick Valiquet (University of Edinburgh): Relaxing the Musical Spirit: Ginette Martenot and Scientific Pacifism

Joseph Pfender (New York University): The Bureaucratic Modern

11:00-11:30 TEA/COFFEE
11:30 SESSION 5: War (Chair: Kate Guthrie)
Melanie Gudesblatt (University of California, Berkeley): Violent Sound: Opera as Trauma in 1919 Manhattan

Heather Wiebe (King’s College, London): Morale as Sonic Force: Listen to Britain and Total War

Jacob Downs (University of Sheffield): Headphone Technologies and Psychological Warfare at the Advent of the Cold War: from Militarisation to Weaponisation

13:00-14:15 LUNCH (provided)
14:15 SESSION 6: Musical Circuits (Chair: Deirdre Loughridge)
Jon Solomon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Prometheus Charged: Electricity, Saint-Saëns, Scriabin, and the Classical (Greco-Roman) Tradition

Giles Masters (King’s College, London): Soviet Sounds, Modern Times?: The Iron Foundry and the ISCM (1930)

Ted Gordon (Columbia University): Music in the Cybernetics Moment: Two Case Studies from the San Francisco Tape Music Center

15:45-16:15 TEA/COFFEE
16:15 KEYNOTE: James Q. Davies (University of California, Berkeley): Bioethical Tech: Albert Schweitzer’s Climate-Proof Piano and the Colonial Trade in Life

(Chair: Arman Schwartz)

17:15 CONFERENCE RESPONSES: Gundula Kreuzer (Yale University) and John Tresch (The Warburg Institute, London)

(Chair: Emily MacGregor)

18:00 END